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Aon Featured in Insurance Insider Innovation Series
March 14, 2023

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In 2022, Aon was featured in Insurance Insider’s innovation series which focused on how the insurance industry can stay relevant to clients as new risks continue to emerge and become more complex.  

  • The first piece, “Lackluster innovation and the industry’s client relevance problem,” highlights insights from Aon CEO Greg Case. Case lays out fundamental challenges facing the insurance industry, and states that if it does not change, the insurance industry risks a slide to irrelevance.
  • Next, “R&D and innovation part one: The risks of sliding into irrelevance,” features Aon President Eric Andersen. Andersen stressed the importance of innovation and the critical need to remain relevant for clients. Today, there is a multitude of interconnected risks that organizations must face and there is a great opportunity to be relevant in client’s efforts to manage these types of risks.
  • Lastly, “R&D and innovation part two: No time to die” . This article shared insights on how the rise of intangible assets is impacting the way companies can access capital. Lewis Lee, CEO of IP solutions at Aon, explains, “For the first time in history, we have the ability to assess and value intellectual property at speed and at scale with high fidelity…ultimately, the value of the intangible asset class is now extraordinary.” You can learn more about Aon’s IP solutions here.
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