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Better Being Series Discusses Digital Wellbeing with Rachel Fellowes and Amy Blankson
June 11, 2024

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What’s new: In this weeks episode of the award-winning “On Aon” podcast and the second installment of the Better Being Series, we hear from host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, who is joined by Amy Blankson, co-founder and chief evangelist at the Digital Wellness Institute, for a conversation about digital wellbeing in the modern workplace.

They also dive into:

  • Defining digital wellbeing and Amy’s motivation to set up the Digital Wellness Institute
  • Sources of burnout and the importance of setting digital boundaries
  • Building a digital balance to maximize productivity and satisfaction in the workforce

Listen for more: The “On Aon” podcast is available on Spotify, Simplecast and Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

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