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Darren Zeidel Speaks on the 'Innovative Legal Leadership' Podcast
September 03, 2021

Darren Zeidel​, Aon’s ​Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Company Secretary, was recently the featured guest on PERSUIT's "Innovative Legal Leadership" podcast. The episode discussed how organizations can tap into the limitless potential of law and compliance departments.

Other topics covered during the episode include learning how to leverage intangible assets, challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, finding value in building out your network and looking for attitude, agility and curiosity while building a team.

Zeidel emphasized the value the legal department provides to a business. "Law and Compliance touches everything," Zeidel said. "And so, we can really be valuable to senior leadership as a relationship broker, as a networker, even as an arbiter at times. We have networks and connections into the entire company."

The interview is part of the first season of "Innovative Legal Leadership," where general counsels and their legal leadership teams are interviewed about best practices in the running of an in-house legal department of a Fortune 500 company. Listen to the full episode here or on your favorite podcast platform.​

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