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Every Day We Remember the 176 Colleagues We Lost on 9/11
September 10, 2021

Saturday will mark the 20th anniversary of September 11th – a date we will never forget and an event that profoundly impacted our firm and reverberated around the world. On that day, and every day, we remember the 176 colleagues we lost.

Aon’s Greater New York colleagues will carry out the annual tradition of visiting the 9/11 memorial site to place a yellow rose on the names of each of the lives lost that day.

Aon Memorial Education Fund helps continue the legacy
In 2002, Aon established The Aon Memorial Education Fund (AMEF) to provide post-secondary education financial assistance to the dependent children of colleagues who were killed in the World Trade Center attacks. Today, the AMEF continues to support them in pursuing their educational goals. To date, the AMEF has assisted 126 beneficiaries with more than $6.5 million in scholarship support.

The AMEF reached a milestone last year, with the youngest two children reaching the age of eligibility and now attending college. Thanks to prior generosity of Aon clients, colleagues and friends, the AMEF no longer has a need to actively raise funds and remains in a strong position to continue to support our students in the years ahead as they complete their studies. And now, three children of colleagues lost on 9/11 work at Aon today - and while they were already a part of the Aon family, we are so very proud and honored to have them as our colleagues. 

While the AMEF no longer accepts donations, the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund continues to raise funds to help students whose families were directly impacted by 9/11. Many of Aon’s 9/11 families have directly benefitted from this incredible resource to further supplement AMEF funding.

Remember our colleagues
To learn more about the 176 colleagues we lost, please visit Aon's Legacy website and the Aon Book of Remembrance.  As well, you can view the message our CEO Greg Case shared with our colleagues around the world. You can also hear directly from our colleague Desiree Bouchat as she shares her story in the recently released Netflix documentary, TURNING POINT: 9/11 and the War on Terror and in an Associated Press article.

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