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On Aon Insights Podcast Series: Climate Science Through Academic Collaboration
October 31, 2023

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What’s new: Today, the award-winning “On Aon” podcast published the next episode of the "On Aon Insights” podcast series, exploring key topics surrounding important issues organizations face around the world.

Dig deeper: This episode explores the value of collaborating with academic institutions to further our understanding of the impact of climate on how we live and work. Host and Aon’s Chief Marketing Officer, Reinsurance Solutions, Alexandra Lewis, is joined by Aon’s Global Head of Climate Risk Advisory, Liz Henderson, for a discussion about how working closely with academia can help organizations better understand their exposure to climate risk.

Alexandra and Liz also discuss:

  • The value of working with academic institutions when improving climate risks;
  • Insights into the increasing losses associated with climate change; and
  • Strategies that use the knowledge gained from academic research partnerships.

Listen for more: The “On Aon” podcast is available on Spotify, Simplecast and Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

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