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Podcast Episode 59 Discusses Managing Loss and Grief in the Fourth Part of the Better Being Series
September 12, 2023

119 words...less than a minute read.

What’s new: In this week’s episode of our award-winning “On Aon” podcast, and the fourth part of the Better Being series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by Julia Samuel, psychotherapist, author and podcaster. Together, they discuss ways managers can support grieving team members, the power of leaning into collective grief and resources to help anyone experiencing or supporting others through the grieving process.

They also dive into:

  • Defining grief and loss in both life and death;
  • The individual and universal aspects of the grieving process; and
  • The role of work and structure in managing grief.

Listen for more: The “On Aon” podcast is available on Spotify, Simplecast and Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

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