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Podcast Episode 62 Discusses Mental Health at Work and the Importance of Creating Kinder Cultures with Rachel Fellowes and David Beeney
November 07, 2023

103 words...less than a minute read.

What’s new: In this week’s episode of our award-winning “On Aon” podcast, and the fifth part of the Better Being series, host and Aon’s Chief Wellbeing Officer, Rachel Fellowes, is joined by mental health consultant and founder of Breaking the Silence, David Beeney, for a conversation about mental health and why creating a kinder work culture is so important.

They also dive into:

  • Defining and overcoming the stigma around mental health in the workplace;
  • Practical tips for engaging with greater kindness; and
  • Gender role statistics and stigmas.

Listen for more: The “On Aon” podcast is available on Spotify, Simplecast and Apple Podcasts (iTunes).

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