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Clarity of focus -- How Gregory Case engaged employees and clients to fine-tune the vision at Aon Corp.

Gregory C. Case would be the first to tell you he doesn’t make the cut as a great leader.

“I’m not one, but I’ve seen many over my time,” he says. “Great leaders help people succeed. The fundamental piece to that is understanding opportunity, understanding how colleagues can meet those opportunities and helping them be successful in a way they never knew they could be. When you do that, you create tremendous energy in an organization.” 

Of course, some people inside Aon Corp. the global provider of solutions in insurance and risk management, human capital consulting and insurance underwriting would argue that, that is exactly what Case does.

After all, Case became Aon’s president and CEO in April 2005 and has had only one goal since then: to unite the company’s 43,000 employees under a vision for growth that will make them all more effective. So while you wouldn’t get Case to admit he’s a success, you can draw your own conclusions: Aon grew to $7.47 billion in 2007 after posting $6.65 billion in 2005.

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