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Navigating a Successful Merger: How Aon and Valley Oak Joined Forces

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are on the rise. Capital, competition and a lack of organic growth opportunities have driven M&A activity in recent years and industry experts expect the trend to continue. Yet, although M&A's have played a significant role in corporate growth strategies, such an undertaking must be approached with caution, expertise and due diligence, because while M&A activity may be high, success rates are not. One-half to two-thirds of all ventures perform poorly or fail outright. As a result, companies that are beginning to identify and court potential targets must understand what makes these endeavors successful and how to avoid the common pitfalls. The recent merger between Aon and Valley Oak Systems can serve as a useful example for other companies that may be undergoing their own M&A process.


Click Here to read the story in Risk Management Magazine.



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